The Day Of The Doctor Will Last Just 82 Minutes, Contain “Mild Violence And Threat”

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Doctor Who 50th Dalek 2

The BBFC have classified the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special The Day of the Doctor as a PG movie for its cinema screenings. Their record on the film also clarifies just how long it will be, at 82 minutes, and that the PG rating was awarded for:

mild violence and threat.

I suppose a single Dalek could take care of both of those with a quick blast from its gunstick and a full volume “Exterminate!”

It is possible that these 82 minutes will be comprised of more than the show itself, with the screenings set to include a video introduction at the top and a ten-minute “making of” at the bottom. Or these may be classified separately. This gives us an actual “main body” running time of somewhere between 70 and 82 minutes, I’d guess.

As we get closer to release the BBFC may publish more justification for their PG decision and expand on “mild violence and threat,” and if they do, I expect that’ll be the closest thing to spoilers we’ll see escaping into the wild on this one.

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