Inked, Coloured And Script Pages From Shadowman #13

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Shadowman #13 is Peter Milligan‘s first issue of the book. You know, after Shadowman #13X, free in Bleeding Cool Magazine #7. Have I mentioned that before?

Here are the a few pages, the script pages, the inks and the colours from Roberto De La Torre and Dave Baron.

And you can assemble them yourself. Comics, by way of Ikea.

SM_013_001_colorsSM_013_001_inks SM_013_001_script1 SM_013_001_script2 SM_013_002_colors SM_013_002_inks SM_013_002_script1 SM_013_002_script2 SM_013_003_colors SM_013_003_inks SM_013_003_script1 SM_013_003_script2 SM_013_004_colors SM_013_004_inks SM_013_004_script1


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