Hey-Zeus – Get Ready For A New Type of Hero!

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Chuck Suffel writes for Bleeding Cool:

Take a look at your super-heroes. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Done? Okay what’s the one thing that is most common among them? Violence. Even the Big Blue Boyscout (Superman) resorts to violence constantly. Growing up I’d say Spidey was probably the least of the offenders, leaving punks webbed up with a note for the police to find. But even he kicked butt to get them there.

Hey-Zeus is a new story, with a new hero.

Here’s the synopsis:

Hey-Zeus is the story of Murdock McGee, a down-on-his-luck columnist is being threatened by a leg breaker hired by the top crime lord to squeeze out the money that Murdock borrowed from them. However, before Murdock receives any serious injuries from his aggressor, his life is saved by a small albino child who runs in and takes a bullet for him. Although the child first appears to be dead, Murdock’s young hero comes back to life in a matter of minutes with an out-of-this-world light show that rejuvenates the boy. Instead of being scared, Murdock’s interest is piqued, and he attempts to find out more about his savior. The gawky writer soon learns that the lad’s name is Hey-Zeus – that’s “Hey” for “Hello” and “Zeus” like the Greek god. Hey-Zeus then persuades Murdock in fighting the world’s tribulations through pacifism while renewing a his faith in the divine.

Written by newcomer Stephan Lapin and drawn by Eddie Nunez (Wildstorm/DC Comics) the book looks absolutely amazing and the story doesn’t fall victim to the usual super-hero tropes. I think the concept of “A Hero Doesn’t Need To Fight” is something worth exploring and if the preview is any indication they’ve crafted a tight, interesting story…


So, you’re intrigued (as you should be) and want to buy this book. Unfortunately you can’t. Calm down! You can’t buy it but you can go to the Hey-Zeus Comic Kickstarter and support this one of a kind book.

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