Now Is The Time To Buy 30 Short Sports Films By Ice Cube, Peter Berg, Steve James, Barry Levinson And More

Posted by October 25, 2013 Comment

ESPN 30 for 30Professional sport isn’t really my cup of tea. I can count the number of sporting events I’ve watched on one hand. And I’d still have enough fingers left to change the channel and watch a film. But there are a lot of sports documentaries that I like a great deal.

Many excellent documentaries have been made for ESPN, under the banner of 30 for 30.

The 30 for 30 films often shine a light on something less well covered in sport and many are utterly fascinating. They draw in some big names too, with the first thirty films attracting directors such as Peter Berg, Barry Levinson, Ice Cube, Steve James, Albert Maysles and more.

Amazon currently have the box set of the first thirty 30 for 30 films at what I believe is the lowest price they’ve ever had it. It’s currently $31.59, which is 68% off the list price and just over a dollar per film.

There’s a collectors edition too that comes with a baseball cap but it’s $44.95. Not sure a cap is worth that much to me.

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