New Images From X-Men: Days Of Future Past – Chess, Chests, Booze

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It looks like Days of Future Past will remain aesthetically consistent with both Bryan Singer‘s X-Men movies and Matthew Vaughn‘s more recent New Class, and that’s not an entirely easy thing to pull off.

It also looks like bottles of booze and bare chests will be something of a motif, albeit bare chests plugged with bullet holes or those that are  blue and scaly.

More seriously, the chessboard trope is obviously back. I hope it’s either tossed away as a mere character detail or actually put to good use this time. This idea is not really news to us any longer.

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Those Empire tags tell you just where I got these images, of course. There’s a couple of extra behind-the-scenes snaps at the source.

I have a feeling Days of Future Past is going to be something special. I hope I’m right.

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