The Mortal Kombat Movie Will Need A New Director, If It's Going To Happen At All

The Mortal Kombat Movie Will Need A New Director, If It’s Going To Happen At All

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We’ve been promised a new Mortal Kombat movie for a few years now, since the success of Kevin Tancharoen‘s online shorts and webseries set in that universe. Oren Uziel wrote a screenplay and, until recently, Tancahroen was attached to direct it for New Line. It was said that he’d have a budget of about $40 to $50 million.

But, no matter the pile of pennies, the film doesn’t seem to be happening any more at all. Tancharoen has just stepped away from the series completely, and made this public in a tweet.

Now, we don’t know why this has come about. Perhaps he’s sick of development battles. Perhaps the studio wanted to try a new director. Perhaps Tancharoen got an amazing new offer that he couldn’t refuse. It could have been pretty much anything.

What is certain is that Tancharoen will now turn his efforts to other projects, one way or another. See this other recent tweet for an indication that he’s certainly planning something.

Whatever he’s moving on to, we certainly wish him the best of luck.

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