Kris Anka Replacing David Lopez On X-Men?

Kris Anka Replacing David Lopez On X-Men?

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X-Men-04-CoverThere are many ways to get a comics story, a new creative hire, ahead of the solicitations. But getting one as part of an insult is a new one. But that’s okay.

Recently Bleeding Cool ran a story regarding lateness of certain scripts to certain artists involved with the X-books. We also listed a number of new artists being added to the credits of the final Battle Of The Atom issue, and foolishly conflated the two. Brian Bendis took exception to that, saying “It was a nice surprise at the very end of the event. we have a handful of Epilogues.  One for each book that this crossover effects. Instead of having somebody else write and draw the epilogue each creative team responsible is dwriting their own epilogues..”

Calling me a “rumormongering bullshit artist” though even a cursory reading of certain artists’ Facebook posts backs the original story up, Kris Anka repeated Bendis’ charge on tumblr, adding “(one of them is my ass, which is absolutely crazy)”

Since Adjectiveless X-Men artist David Lopez is missing from those amended solicitations, that seems to suggest that Anka is his replacement on the title….

UPDATE: Bleeding Cool’s finest commentators in the forums have pointed out that the Dodsons were announced to take over the book next, but that Anka has been talking about an unannounced ongoing project for a while that it looks like it may be for Marvel. So let’s see what happens.

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