We've Teamed Up With Pixar So You Can Put Your Questions To The Monsters University Filmmakers

We’ve Teamed Up With Pixar So You Can Put Your Questions To The Monsters University Filmmakers

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We’ve been using the Bleeding Cool social media channels to solicit questions from our readers for Dan Scanlon and Kori Rae, the director and producer of Monsters University. They’ve agreed to do a full “readers’ interview” for us, and reply to the best questions Bleeding Cool readers have put forward.

The deadline is fast approaching, so if you haven’t already sent me a question, do so now. You can use the contact page on the site, e-mail me, tweet at me, or whatever else you think will get my attention.

You can look at my interview with Scanlon and Rae for inspiration, or maybe you already have a burning question. Some of the best I’ve received already are at the bottom of this post.

Scanlon and Rae are prepared to take any questions you have about the process of making this film or the particular choices they went for, no matter how nerdy you want to take it. Curious about the virtual camerawork? The cutting edge of Pixar tech? Tiny little narrative nooks and crannies? Whatever you want to know, please pass it over today – before 5pm GMT, please – and I’ll submit the best to the filmmakers tomorrow. Include your name and we’ll credit you for your question if you so want.

Here are the sort of questions I’ve received so far.

  • Is each character animated by the same animator throughout the whole film, like an actor playing that character?
  • What difficulties were there in creating a look consistent with the first Monsters film and did advances in computer graphics rendering have any effect on this?
  • Was there anything in the music or the camerawork that calls back subtly to the first film, perhaps to help connect them?
  • Did you deliberately leave any loose ends for a third film or were there any loose ends from the first film that you wanted to address?
  • Mike and Sully are pretty much humanoid, give or take, but what liberties did you taken with the anatomies of some of the monster characters and why?

Yep, some of those questions are super nerdy. Want to go nerdier or redress the balance with a bit of de-nerding? Well, great. Take it away.

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