Kali-Yuga – Gender Equality, Time Travelling Wizards And The Gift Economy

Benton Rooks writes;

The international KALI-YUGA production team is passionate about strange subjects: gender equality in art, magick, mutant DMT Elf drugs, techno-biological interfaces, myth, metaphysics, and time travel–just to name a few.

KALI-YUGA is a mind bending, dark fantasy/sci-fi story about a time traveling wizard named Abaraiis who is born as a 500 year old man. He must defeat the seven Lizard Kings–masters of kaos sorcery that can manipulate the fabric of time-space itself.

My interview with author Charles Eisenstein on the sacred aspects of what he calls the “gift economy” has allowed me think about the use of crowdsource based funding to fuel daring, psychedelic, original works of art. It inspired me enough to write an article about the divine feminine, mythology and comics for Reality Sandwich and simultaneously put an original comic work on Kickstarter–and believe there could be a supportive community who could trust in some of the daring ideas I have buried in this epic, genre hopping story.

Our illustrator Sarah Lopes and the wonderful French colorist Juan Chavarriga have done a bit of magic of their own by bringing a great balance between the american and european styles to create a comic that is fine art and has a painterly touch. It has blown everyone away who has seen it.

If you like Grant Morrison and Alan Moore’s work on myth, magic and the metaphysical world in comics, or simply like beautiful sci-fi/fantasy art, you will undoubtedly love the first 20 page issue of KALI-YUGA. It is a digital release for now, but if we can find enough support, we want it to be on the eternal printed page, so check it out!


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