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flying-dog-the-fearDylan Gonzalez writes;

Beer: The Fear

Brewery: Flying Dog

October means a few things to me: Halloween and horrors movies, my birthday and the Oktoberfest beers. And sometimes, you get an interesting little surprise here and there. Normally, I am not a huge fan of pumpkin beers, though I have warmed up to some recently. Flying Dog's The Fear manages to create a pumpkin beer that I found to greatly enjoy.

In appearance, The Fear resembles a stout more than traditional ale, for it has a dark, brown body and produces a thick, mocha colored head when poured. It produces a sweet, pumpkin scent, with hints of nutmeg.

What is interesting about The Fear is the blend of pumpkin and hops. Normally, I would not expect hops to be greatly present in a pumpkin beer, but this one certainly has a hoppiness to it. That being said, the hops work well with the pumpkin flavor, distinguishing it from other pumpkin beers. Nutmeg and a trace of vanilla are also present.

On the palate, this beer feels thick and has a somewhat creamy texture. It is mild carbonated. Overall, I really liked this beer, offering up something a little different than from other pumpkin special beers. It does have a 9% alcohol content, so you may want to be fearful of that.

What to Drink This To:

I think The Fear is a perfect brew to enjoy throughout the month of October. It would go hand-in-hand with any of you folks that are doing horror movie marathons for the spookiest month of the year. In addition to that, when I think of fear, I think of The Scarecrow from Batman, so I would suggest finding your favorite Scarecrow stories and giving them a read. Or pull from his appearances on the great Batman: The Animated Series, especially the episodes "Never Fear" and "Over the Edge."

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