Is Matt Groening’s Next TV Project An Adaptation Of His Life In Hell Comic Strips? This URL Says “Maybe So”

Back in the spring Matt Groening was getting to work on something mysterious called Bapper. I still have no idea what that is.

Bapper? One who baps? Like bap, but more so?

Thankfully, the latest clue he’s left us to upcoming projects is much easier to decipher, if still a little ambiguous around the edges.

As pointed out by Liam Scanlan, who first discovered the Bapper registration, Groening has registered the URL

This would suggest, though certainly not confirm, that Groening’s comic strip Life In Hell is coming to TV.

The strip ran for well over thirty years before wrapping up in June 2012. Here’s the very last.

life in hell


By finishing this series, Groening said he was making himself time to work on new projects. I’d guess Bapper is one of those.

In light of that comment, particularly, it might seem odd that Groening could be planning a new TV version of Life in Hell. It also seems odd that the project he kept going for so long so that he had something completely of his own, uncompromised by the need to work with others that TV brings, would be transformed into an expensive, many-hands, collaborative project.

Feelings drift and shift over time, of course.

I’ll keep an eye on the site and if anything appears, let you know.