Mark Millar And Curtis Tieg’s Kindergarten Heroes Are Headed To The Multiplex

kindergarten heroesThough we’re still waiting for their original picture book to be released, writer Mark Millar and illustrator Curtis Tieg‘s tale of pint-sized superheroes is set for a feature film adaptation from 20th Century Fox.

There’s not a lot of info about the book out there so far. Besides a couple of images, the only details seem to come from a single CBR interview from early 2013. Therein we learned that one of the characters is called Whiz-Kid; that the adventures take place in a kindergarten; and while we never see the parents, the implication is that they are superpowered too.

There’s one more bit of info about the film, which is that Spy Hunter screenwriter Carter Blanchard has won the screenplay writing gig on the basis of a pitch he made to the studio. I do wonder if he envisioned the film as being Pixar-like as Millar did his original concept.

Talking of which, the big question, I suppose, is whether this will be an animated film or something ostensibly live-action. My hunch is that it will be the latter.

Millar’s point that kids love superheroes but don’t really get any superhero stories pitched at their level is a good one. I wonder what this will look like? All I can think of as a good analog, really, are kids’ albums like those of They Might Be Giants.