Bleeding Cool Bestseller List: Has Bane Broken The Back of Infinity?

Batman-23.4-Bane-1-Forever-Evil-1-300x467A collation of the top ten charts of a number if disparate stores, measuring sales on Wednesdays and Thursdays only, those who can’t wait till the weekend to buy their comics. An indication of unstoppable desire….

Is this an indication that Infinity is slipping in demand? Not only did Penguin #1 beat it last week, but the crossovers this week don’t even make it onto the charts. DC place seven in the top ten with the top four to themselves… the non-Infinitied Guardians Of The Galaxy places, alongside the Battle Of The Atom Wolverine & The X-Men, and the new Saga makes a welcome appearance too.

  1. Batman #23.4 Bane #1
  2. Batman Superman #3.1 Doomsday #1
  3. Detective Comics #23.4 Man Bat #1
  4. Justice League #23.4 Secret Society #1
  5. Guardians of the Galaxy #6
  6. Wolverine And The X-Men #36
  7. Batman: The Dark Knight #23.4 Joker’s Daughter #1
  8. Saga #14
  9. JLA #7.4 Black Adam #1
  10. Batman & Robin #23.4 Killer Croc #1

Data provided by the following retailers:

Retailer comments:

Batman the Dark Knight 23.4 the Joker’s Daughter was the highest in demand but with so few to sell it was actually a low seller. We had people waiting before we opened for it but only had enough for people who had asked for it before September. Deadpool’s popularity has really increased thanks to his video game. Infinity as a crossover has really helped the titles it has crossovered with. More than I had expected. Great ending to a great month sales wise.

Amazing Spiderman back issues from just years old to the 90s have been doing really well. Not sure if people miss Peter Parker and that is a way for them to read about Peter again or if the upcoming movie hype is boosting back issues.

Over the past few weeks, some of our pull and hold customers decided to go the cheaper alternative and buy the Standard Edition for $2.99 and not the pricey $3.99 3D Villains Month covers. This made more copies available to those we couldn’t initially fill and made the allocation situation created by DC less villainous. We fielded numerous phone calls with thick New York accents this week requesting Batman The Dark Knight #23.4 Jokers Daughter 3D covers. Infinity #3 sold very well in its second week, with many requests for the sold out issues of Avengers #’s 18 & 19 and New Avengers #’s 9 & 10.

Last week of 3-D covers. Thank God it’s over. Sales were better in August than this month which is kinda sad considering the amount of energy spent on this event. If as a retailer i had gotten what i had wanted on the orders September would have been a record month. If Marvel was smart they would ask Disney for a loan and show DC Comics how this should have been done since obviously Time Warner must have a cash flow problem. I wonder if the share holders know how much profit they lost this quarter with the marketing director that works at DC currently.

Marvel Now is still the strong sellers on the back-issues. I will have to start hunting for early #1’s soon. Thor, Deadpool and All New X-men are running low at my store.

All of my shelf copies of Avengers were damaged, so that number is lower than it really should be

Strong Week for Marvel at the store.  Saga Continues to be a very strong comic for us.  Another great week for sales and sell through on DC ended strong.   PowerPuff girls were the surprise of the week with a complete sell out.

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