Video: Jimmy Fallon’s On A Bit Of A Roll Lately – Sesame Street, Joseph Gordon Levitt And Stephen Merchant

Posted by September 26, 2013 Comment

Here’s another quiet, off the front page story just for followers of the BCoolFilm Twitter feed – or, I suppose, people surfing the Jimmy Fallon and Sesame Street tags. Nothing life changing, just a little something something on the side.

So, here’s a clip from last night’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and then a clip from the night before. Both are honestly joyous stuff, and the second one really, really ramps up as we get near the end.

Gordon Levitt tossed that Tony Danza joke away brilliantly.

I can imagine I’ll go back and watch both of this clips again in future – and that’s not really something I’d expect from excerpts of a chat show.

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