Christoph Waltz Cast As Captain Rom In New Tarzan Movie, Story Is A Post-Jungle Sequel


Harry Potter repeat offender David Yates is putting together his cast for a new, action-oriented take on Edgar Rice BurroughsTarzan. Already booked into the title role isĀ Alexander Skarsgard and now, according to Variety, Christoph Waltz has started contract negotiations over the chief villain’s role.

They describe the character as “a military figure.” I can tell you that he’ll be Captain Rom, a very formidable Belgian soldier who plans to trade Tarzan to Cheif Mbonga, the owner of a diamond mine. Waltz should make for a great villain, of course.

The big idea with this new movie is that it starts with Tarzan back in civilisation. It’s a post-jungle sequel that, of course, heads back to the jungle. In the beginning, though, Tarzan has returned to his place in polite society.

Tarzan’s sidekick in this story is George Washington Williams, a veteran of the American civil war. Jamie Foxx was wanted for this role before the film was put on hold back in the spring.

Meanwhile, Emma Stone hasn’t committed to the part of Jane despite Warner Bros. courtship. I guess she could sign on in future, but I don’t think so – I expect one of the other candidates, such as Wolf of Wall Street‘s Margot Robbie or Cinderella‘s Lily James is much more likely.

It’s a fresh Tarzan and that’s no bad thing – there have been 100 Tarzan movies in the past, quite literally. Time for some new ideas. I hope Yates can pull it off.