Cast For Star Wars: Rebels Takes Shape – Plus Everything I Know About Its Storyline So Far

REB_IA_220_LLucasfilm are locking down deals with a number of the voice actors for their upcoming Star Wars animation, Rebels. According to The Hollywood Reporter, contracts are in the works for David Oyelowo, Freddie Prinze Jr., Vanessa Marshall, Taylor Gray and Steven Jay Blum.

As I understand it, the key characters are rather young – listening back to Craig’s audio from Celebration, series producer and director Dave Filoni definitely made fleeting reference to the lead characters as “the kids,” substantiating my previous report.

It’s interesting to see the 20-year old Taylor Gray on this list as that suggests the young characters might be cast young, which would in turn suggest that the rest of the names in this list will likely be playing adult characters.

The basic premise of the show, as I understand it, revolves around a bunch of young folk who take to a ship called The Ghost and go on the run when their home planet becomes a base for the Imperial Empire, suddenly surrounding them with austere adult authority figures. If that’s not an understatement.

These kids then play an important role in the founding of the Rebel Alliance. I’m curious if any of them will be figures we saw in the original trilogy – could Vanessa Marshall be playing Mon Mothma, for example? I’d certainly love to see a more sprightly Admiral Akbar… erm… swimming about.

War stories have often shown us brother vs. brother, but Rebels sets the stage for parent vs. child. Not an entirely new idea for the Star Wars universe, of course, but a whole new use for these ideas.

There’s definitely a multi-series arc being plotted here. Lucasfilm have big plans for Rebels, and the talent to pull it off. Expect official casting news, or at least some new imagery and plot teasing, out of next month’s New York Comic Con.