VFX Breakdown Reel Shows You Some Of Zero Theorem’s Deception – But Contains A Real Spoiler – TOO LATE

I’ve found it pretty hard to write about Terry Gilliam‘s Zero Theorem of late. Lots of folk have seen the film now, and many have been rather moved by it. I haven’t seen it, as yet. That’s part of the problem. I don’t know what I can add.

But I will tell you, I’m absolutely hanging on tenterhooks to see this thing.

This video by The Chimney Group shows off some of the VFX they’ve contributed. It seems to be a film ram-packed full of design, much of it built practically, some of it achieved digitally. This will give you a taste.

There’s a spoiler in here. You might not recognise it yet but you will, some way into the film.


The Zero Theorem continues its roll around the festival circuit. As soon as distribution details are published, I’ll let you know.