Retailers To Receive “Unity Red” #1 Today, With A Promise As To How They Can Make Some Money


They did it last year with Shadowman Black. People still want it.

They’re doing it again, with Unity Red. An advance look at Unity #1 with a special Red cover, one per store. And reminding the retailers that the book is completely returnable. And pointing out how they are going to make lots of money as a result. And they make the point that retailers don’t have to return the 1:200 incentive variants…


I don’t think anyone has been quite so shameless since Marvel’s retailer ad for Chris Claremont and Jim Lee’s X-Men #1 titled “remember that Porsche you always wanted?”

They probably have a point though. Retailers should be receiving copies today.

So here’s an advance look containing Doug Braithwaite and Brian Reber‘s complete art for the first 11 pages of UNITY #1.

RED_012RED_001 RED_002 RED_003 RED_004 RED_005 RED_006 RED_007 RED_008 RED_009 RED_010RED_011


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