Armed Massacres, Gun Control And The NSA Get Superhero Analogues In Bloodhound


Blood Hound was a book created by Dan Jolley, drawn by Drew Johnson, and then Leonard Kirk, and published by DC back in 2004. And it was co-owned by DC and Dan. And after extensive negotiation, Dan Jolley got the rights back and it was reprinted (without the Firestorm crossover in issue 5) by Dark Horse earlier this year. Then a new series of stories with Kirk and Robin Riggs ran in Dark Horse Presents.


Jolley once described the comic as “a story of redemption, about a brutal ex-Atlanta police detective named Travis Clevenger, who’s given a second chance after screwing up his life so royally that he’s landed a 15-to-25 year prison sentence. Clevenger (a completely non-powered, regular human) has a knack for understanding and tracking down metahuman criminals, and when a superhuman serial killer starts stalking the next in a string of victims, the FBI gets Clevenger released from prison to help them track the killer down. Clevenger agrees to this very reluctantly; he’s fully recognized his own monstrous nature, and even after he’s been convinced to assist the Bureau, he still sees himself as the lesser of two evils. Once he’s out, it’s not so much he’s been enlisted to help as that he’s been unleashed.”


And next month we’re getting a new five issue mini-series from the same team. And it couldn’t be more topical. The issue is raised near the beginning, subtext made text, superpowers and their use being compared to projectile and explosive weaponry.

Then suddenly we get an event, a bank robbery that goes wrong, with a now-superpowered robber causing massive death and destruction.

And the world brings a solution.


Bloodhound not only gives us a massacre ripped from the headlines, but also takes the argument that everyone should have guns to prevent such gun massacres a run around the superhero analogy block. But it’s not a complete Tea Party fantasy, the comic also has its own version of extensive background checks.


And a dig at the NSA as well.

Bloodhound #1 has its Final Order Cut Off date on Monday, and will be published in October by Dark Horse Comics. And then probably covered on Fox News and the Drudge Report.

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