Another Adrian Tomine New Yorker Cover

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tomine_newyorker_092013By Victoria Marsden

I know it sounds strange, but ever since I saw this cover a couple of days ago it’s been knocking around in the back of my head. It’s a feat to be able to convey a short story with nothing more than a panel, and Tomine accomplishes just that. The plight of young couples in Manhattan is an all-too familiar story, yearning for more space for less money, and ultimately caving to the siren song of the suburbs. Tomine’s cover calls forth a real “feel” of New York, as well; the Husband wearily gazing at the gridlocked Holland Tunnel with a wailing toddler strapped to his chest, while the expecting Wife ruminates over real estate listings, next to some overflowing trash. It’s a succinct transition piece.

You can see Tomine’s previous New Yorker covers collected in New York Drawings.

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