The New Look Of Lobo – And His Pottymouth

IMG_0027Emo Lobo. Twilight Lobo. And whatever the Brazilians called up, there are lots of names for the new Lobo. And with Justice League #23.2 Lobo #1 out today, we get to see him properly.

As well as getting the first “piss” of the New 52, courtesy of his foul mouth. Pottymouth Lobo.

So what does he look like?


Again with the pottymouth, but is that Lobo, or Elvis Presley? And what’s all that stuff on his face? Blue Czarnian piss?


Whatever it is, it’s here to stay. And this is your new Lobo, taking over from the older one and far closer to his original appearance in the Pre-52 in Omega Men. But then, you all knew that, right?

IMG_0025Fair enough.

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Currently exhibiting Sophie’s World, digitally manipulated photos of Sophie Alred by Steve Cook.


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