Ellen Page Is Tara Chace As Greg Rucka's Queen And Country Is Adapted Into A Movie

Ellen Page Is Tara Chace As Greg Rucka’s Queen And Country Is Adapted Into A Movie

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Ellen Page, Self Assignment, January 21, 2013

With apparent plans to build a Bourne-like franchise around Ellen Page, 20th Century Fox are currently looking to sign the actress up for spy thriller, Queen and Country.

The film, or indeed films, will be based on the Oni Press comics by Greg Rucka and various artists. According to Variety the filmmakers will be using a screenplay by Leverage creator John Rogers, though he’s warning folk to leave the corks in the champagne a little longer.

There’s no director attached as yet.

Page really would be the cornerstone of the project, not least because projects like this will tend to require a strong lead. Her character, Tara Chace, is maybe not the most obvious match for Page’s talents – and not just because she’s English, but because she’s an overt action heroine too – but I expect Page’s talents are far wider than we’ve yet seen anyhow.

One of the most interesting elements of the comic series is its commitment to portraying the bureaucracy that Chace and her colleagues have to wade through, as well something of their day-to-day life. Rucka admits that he was heavily influenced by the superb British TV series The Sandbaggers – if you haven’t seen it, there is a full series DVD. I love that British TV went from Danger Man to The Prisoner to The Professionals to The Sandbaggers. We sure do like our “agent” tropes, and even more than that, we love messing about with them. Happy to have Rucka join in too.

I think Queen and Country could really come off, and getting Page in the frame is a wonderful start. Now let’s see if they can get the appropriate director.

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