Shooting Starts Soon For Eli Roth Sequel Beyond The Green Inferno, Directed By Nicolas Lopez

kirby bliss blanton green inferno eli rothLast night saw the premiere of Eli Roth's ambitious cannibalism-vs-activism scare picture The Green Inferno at the Toronto International Film Festival. I'm disappointed that I wasn't there, particularly as first impressions on social media and from a couple of friends who did attend are very positive indeed. I understand that there are some great surprises, a lot of horrendous imagery and a real sense of dread. Sounds great.

Roth has confidence in the film too, having already co-written a sequel called Beyond the Green Inferno. It was announced twice – at a buyers screening and then after the main, public premiere – that Beyond is set to get rolling in the first film's Amazonian locations as soon as the rainy season is over, with the first film's co-writer and Roth's Aftershock collaborator Nicolas Lopez directing.

Unfortunately, the only half-accomplised Aftershock is arguably the least of both Roth's films as writer and Lopez' films as director. A number of its problems stemmed from a juxtaposition of expensive set pieces and low budget, however, so a different context could see Beyond work better with Lopez' skillset.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, who chased Roth and Lopez for some quotes after the announcement, the new film has a third writer, Guillermo Amoedo.

Roth promises:

We want to take the story to an even darker and scarier place on all levels

While Lopez notes:

Our plan with Beyond the Green Inferno is to make a sequel in the tradition of Aliens, where the creative team went bigger, darker and scarier into the unknown.

Aliens is scarier than Alien? Not a chance. But bigger? Sure.

We'll soon see who has distribution rights to The Green Inferno, I'm sure, and following that, when it will go on release.