God Cell: Gate Of The Gods

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272e28b0ceb43c1769c470133eb5d575_largeArthur Bellfield writes;

In the spring of 2012 I was sitting on cloud nine awaiting the release of War’s Chosen, a graphic novel I wrote for Arcana Comics, and ready to take the comic book industry by storm. Unfortunately, for my ego once the book was published Marvel and DC editors weren’t beating down my door.

In light of this, I stopped working on comics, and scoured message boards in order to better understand the business itself. All the while, I continued to support independant creators.

Lucky for me I soon learned about Tony Kittrell’s Advent Comics (Titan the Ultra Man, Advent Spolight, Darklight Crew) , Vince White’s Darklight Studios (The Legend of Will Power, Action Pack), as well as a former Marvel intern turned comic book writer Ra’Chaun Rogers’ Hierophants horror comic!

After several discussions with these men about comics, the business behind it, and the things that exicted us about the medium; we realized that perhaps we should try the impossible, which was to create an independent crossover experience that was on par with anything released from Marvel or DC!

Once we recruited superstar artist in the making, Cloves Rodriguez to the mix; GOD CELL: GATE OF THE GODS was born!

But, what the heck is the story about? GOD CELL is essentially a high-octane, mythological adventure that mixes the superhero, horror, and fantasy genres with some heavily researched lore on Peruvian, Greek, and West African spirituality. Or, in other words a group of heroes gather together to stop a crazy woman from obtaining the essence of the gods! Think of it as the Lord of the Rings meets DC’s Crisis.

Which brings us to the here and now! We decided to create a kickstarter campaign to get GOD CELL: GATE OF THE GODS into the hands of fans sooner than later. And, with high-profile artist such as Eric Battle, Greg LaRocque, and ChrisCross all agreeing to do variant covers for us if we reach our extended goals-this project is shaping up to be an exciting experience indeed!

And, as a special incentive for Bleeding Cool readers we’ll have one of these artist do a special commission if we hit $1,000 before the end of the week!

I want to thank each of you personally who have taken the time to read this article and to check out our kickstarter project! If this project succeeds it’s because of you, and your love for good quality comics!

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