Baz Luhrmann Would Like To Convert Moulin Rouge To 3D, Make A Film Half-Set In China

Moulin Rouge PosterBaz Luhrmann is reportedly interested in converting his 2001 film Moulin Rouge to 3D, following his positive experiences with the format on The Great Gatsby.

Speaking on Entertainment Weekly Radio, which I first saw referenced at Market Saw, Luhrmann said that,

Because conversion is getting better and better, I’m going to ask the guys at Fox… maybe can we convert Moulin Rouge! to 3-D… Because I think in a strange way I was trying to make a 3-D movie.

Luhrmann is also currently in China doing press for The Great Gatsby and according to a report at THR he again mentioned his desire for a 3D conversion of Moulin Rouge and also suggested that it was very likely that Fox would back him in doing it.

When I first heard the announcement about The Great Gatsby being shot in 3D it immediately struck me as a perfect fit for Luhrmann. I watched Australia shortly after the announcement with Luhrmann shooting 3D in mind and there were so many times when the compositions seemed perfect for a shot featuring stereoscopic depth.

It’s therefore not surprising that Luhrmann is looking to delve into his back catalogue to pluck out a film to be converted. I won’t hold my breath for a 3D conversion of Australia – that film wasn’t exactly financially successful – but I look forward to seeing how the conversion of Moulin Rouge turns out, if it does indeed happen.

THR’s report on the Chinese press conference for The Great Gatsby also includes a number of quotes from Luhrmann regarding his desire to make a film partly set in China.

I am seriously considering a Chinese movie, and I’m in meetings while I’m here…

…I take a very long time to decide what films to make, but I’m seriously thinking about a movie set in both China and the West. China is an overwhelmingly exciting place, and I want to participate in what’s happening.

China is currently the second biggest market for films in the world. Two things that are reportedly very important for having a hit there are a big name Hollywood star – Luhrmann knows a lot of them – and that the film needs to be in 3D – which Luhrmann’s next no doubt will be. Although he’s only having meetings about this project I’d be very surprised if this wasn’t his next film.