Second Hard-Punching Teaser Trailer For Tom Yun Goong 2, With Tony Jaa In Fine Form

After the first, relatively action-light and pretty much impact-free teaser for Tom Yun Goong 2, here's a second.

And this one's going to sock you right in the jaw. And do horrible things to your chest. And smash a bike through the roof.


The credentials this film boasts are remarkable. There's Tony Jaa, of course – an exceptionally agile young man but a brilliantly charming actor too, I think – and also Chocolate's Jeeja Yanin. Then there's action choreography by Panna Rittikrai and Prachya Pinkaew in the director's chair. If you like to see people hitting one another, this is going to be one of your best bets in a long time.

I feel pretty safe in looking forward to importing this film as soon as I can, bypassing the inevitably hideous delays and potential re-editing that threaten its release in the West.