Not-So Mystery Box – Even The Blu-Ray Cover For Star Trek Into Darkness Blows It

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Remember how the marketing campaign for Star Trek Into Darkness took great pains to keep the identity of Benedict Cumberbatch‘s lead villain under wraps? You may also recall how the official line told us that the mystery was an important part of the narrative, allowing the audience to experience the confusion and mystery that the crew of the Enterprise were facing.

Well, forget all of that, because there’s a great big spoiler on the Blu-ray box. They name the villain outright.

Here’s a snap of the back of the UK case. It’s possible, I suppose, that the US will have completely different copy.

star trek into darkness not so mystery box spoiler

It’s nowhere near as bad as the Planet of the Apes DVD cover – see below – but it still makes a mockery of Star Trek Into Darkness‘ plot structure. The identity of the character is held back for so long, and is played as such a big mystery, that this Blu-ray case could honestly be argued to be as big a botch as the “special features situation” also dogging the release.

planet of the apes cover spoiler

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