Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol And Brightest Day Omnibuses And Absolute All Star Batman – DC Big Books For 2014

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DoomPatrol19Nikolai Fomich writes;

Collected Editions has gotten an early look at DC’s trades, omnibi, absolute editions and more for next year. This includes Absolute Superman/Batman, Vol. 2, a new edition of Superman/Batman Vol. 1 – Public Enemies.

Collected Editions commented about the absolute edition, saying: “We now understand these books are out there in the run-up to the new movie. Collects Superman/Batman  #14-26, which are the “Absolute Power” and “Vengeance” storylines.”

And about the Public Enemies trade: “This new edition of Public Enemies in paperback — again, setting things up for the movie — includes both the “Public Enemies” and “Supergirl” storylines, issues #1-13.”

Of course, it’s standard practice to reissue your best-selling collections of characters whose movies are coming up. But the focus on the Loeb/McGuinness run is telling, I think. The only other Superman/Batman solicit is volume one of Greg Pak’s current run. What elements are the Man of Steel sequel and the future DC movie-verse likely to take from the Loeb/McGuinness run? Perhaps.…Darkseid?

The Loeb/McGuinness run also prominently featured Supergirl, who stared in the Sterling Gates/Jerry Ordway Man of Steel prequel comic (from a Goyer/Snyder/Johns story). It’s only a matter of time, I think, before we see a Supergirl solo film. (WB – look no further than the Gates/Igle Supergirl run for your future Supergirl movies. Trust me.)

An original graphic novel:

-Black Canary/Zatanna: Bloodspell, by Paul Dini and Joe Quinones  for May 2014.

Major collections for next year also include:

– Absolute All-Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder (presumably #1-10)

– A Batman anthology and a Joker anthology, in the vein of this year’s Superman and Lois Lane collections

– New editions of Batman: Bruce Wayne: Murderer? and Batman: Bruce Wayne: Fugitive, both featuring new material not found in previous collections

– Doom Patrol by Grant Morrison Omnibus (#19-63)

– Brightest Day Omnibus (#0-24)

– Justice League of America Omnibus (Brave & Bold #28-30, Justice League of America #1-16, and Mystery in Space #75)

– JSA Omnibus by Geoff Jones (JSA #6-28, Annual #1, Secret Files #2, Virtue and Vice, OWAW #1, JLA/JSA Secret Files #1, Secret Origins of Super Villains #1, and All Stars #1-8)

That’s last one’s been the subject of some controversy, since it’s missing the first five issues of the volume, along with JSA Secret Files #1. It’s a bit reminiscent of DC’s New Titans Omnibus Vol. 3, which (along with being misolicited multiple times) skipped over 40 Titan issues so that it only included Perez art, and even included parts 2 and 4 of “A Lonely Place of Dying.” All despite not being billed as a Perez Titans omnibus. Over at the Marvel Masterworks Message Board, member tstrapac posted: “Didio just replied to me about the problems with the JSA Omnibus. He said he is looking into it. Here’s hoping!”

Also of note are:

– Animal Man Vol. 6 (#51-63 by Delano/Pugh)

– Jonah Hex: Shadows West (collecting 3 miniseries by Landsale/Truman)

– Spectre Vol. 1 (#1-12 by Ostrander/Mandrake)

– Tales of the Batman: Carmine Infantino

– Tales of the Batman: J. H. Williams

– Batman by Moench and Jones

– Damian: Son of Batman by Andy Kubert (Kubert’s miniseries plus Batman #666)

Some other interesting tidbits, courtesy of Collected Editions:

– Villains Month issues will be collected with each hero’s respective titles in addition to an omnibus

– “There was a controversy a little while back where certain solicited Showcase volumes were canceled due to royalty issues, including Captain CarrotAtomic Knights, and Jonah Hex. All three are back on the schedule now.”

– “Signaling perhaps a change in how DC might be collecting crossovers, all of the new Green Lantern books contain issues #24 of all the other series, the “Lights Out” crossover.”

Head over to Collected Editions for further listings of DC’s collections due out next year. It’s an excellent site.


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