DC Comics Rename Justice League America As Justice League Canada (UPDATE: Mike McKone On Art)

justiceleafToronto newspaper The Star announces that Canadian Jeff Lemire‘s next project for DC Comics will be Justice League Canada – the renamed Justice League America – to be officially announced today at the DC Panel at Toronto Fan Expo.

UPDATE: British comic artist Mike McKone will draw the new title.

And no, it’s not an April Fool.

The team’s headquarters will be at James Bay and Moosonee in Northern Ontario and the action will be Toronto-based.

Why are they moving across the border? To escape the draft? Visit their fictional girlfriend? Will they get drunk at Niagra Falls and just keep going?

And Lemire told the paper that it was all Dan DiDio, and it spins out of Forever Evil. “As a result of that, without spoiling any of that story, there will be major changes in the Justice Leagues, and in the spring, the current Justice League of America team goes through a dramatic change and some of the pieces that are left behind will evolve into this new Justice League Canada team” and that a new character would be “a real Canadian teenager. That’s what I’m really after with that” and that one of the characters would be Adam Strange.

But a Canadian Adam Strange.

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