Don Mancini Gives The FrightFest Audience His Pitch For Chucky On Elm Street And A Chucky Musical

Curse of ChuckyCurse of Chucky premiered at FrightFest this evening – it also transpired that it was actually the world premiere of the uncut version of the film – and Don Mancini and Fiona Dourif appeared on stage after the film for a Q&A.

Mancini told a great anecdote about the original version of the Chucky story, which he has told versions of before but may still be new to many, and gave us his ideas for a Chucky on Elm Street film and a Chucky musical.

On the original version of the Chucky story.

In the original script Chucky, rather than being possessed by the soul of a serial killer, was a manifestation of Andy Barclay’s Id. One of the features of the Good Guy dolls is that they have fake blood inside them… So when a kid is playing with the doll and the kid drops it the latex would bleed, forcing you to go back to the store and buy Good Guy Band-Aids. It was partly a satire of merchandising and how you’d buy one thing and then you’d have to buy all these other things.

And Barclay being this lonely little kid who doesn’t have a dad and his mother is always at work – Chucky is his friend to the end – and in a right of brotherhood he cut his thumb and Chucky’s thumb. And then that’s what brought Chucky to life. And Chucky starts targeting all of Andy Barclay’s enemies. Like his babysitter, who makes him go to bed too early, and ultimately even his mother. The idea that even a child at that young age has this kind of rage that it’s not socially acceptable to express. And Chucky expresses it to the nth degree. It was a little more psychological I guess.

And I toyed with the audience as to whether Chucky was really alive or whether Andy was a budding sociopath.

On the idea of a Leprechaun vs Chucky film and his pitch for a Chucky on Elm Street film.

It all just seems too obvious to me [Leprechaun vs Chucky]. I mean Freddy vs. Jason, I thought that was a fun movie… But for me the problem with that team up is that Jason doesn’t really have any personality and doesn’t talk. If Freddy and Chucky got together that would be a really funny double act. If you did a Child’s Play on Elm Street and did it like a horror movie version of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. So Chucky and Freddy meet and Freddy says, Chucky I’m a big fan of your work. Chucky says, Freddy I admire your technique. And they decide that Elm Street is too small for the two of them so they have to have a contest to see who can kill the most teenagers before sunrise.

On the next instalment in the Child’s Play series.

We’re always talking and we always have ideas but as always it depends on you guys. It depends on the audience and how well this movie is received. If you want more, buy the DVD [laughs]. We would love to do another one and I’d love to do another one with Fiona.

…John Waters and I used to talk about how great it would be to do a Chucky musical. It’s still honestly something that I would love to do it. Not necessarily as a movie but as a stage play. I think Bride of Chucky, the story of that, would lend itself to a musical.

Fiona Dourif was also on stage during the Q&A and was asked about what projects she had coming up. She replied,

I’m on hold for various TV shows. All some variation of a sassy cop.

She’s fantastic in Curse of Chucky so I’m sure her agent’s phone will ringing a great deal soon.