Steven Moffat Acknowledges That The Doctor Can Only Regenerate Twelve Times

Ad Lib Live are staging a week’s worth of live chat shows at the Edinburgh Fringe, and they kicked off on Wednesday night, bringing us Frank Skinner and Steven Moffat live in conversation. I wasn’t there – I was at a similar affair in Oxford, in which Neil Gaiman chatted with Philip Pullman. It was splendid.

Here’s a twitpic from Ad Lib’s official account, showing off quite the surprising revelation.

thirteen lives

Of course, there’s acknowledging the convention and then there’s deciding it sticks.

And then there’s deciding it sticks just until you work out a way to subvert it. Maybe deciding it sticks just because you’ll enjoy subverting it.

I suspect it’s the latter that we’re in for, and sooner rather than later. Whatever decision Moffat has made, however, will have some implications for how he can handle the new, John Hurt-looking manifestation of the Doctor, so I’m sure he’s pretty settled on how it works if not made it part of the 50th anniversary episode’s logic.

Incidentally, guests later in the week for Ad Lib Live include Terry Pratchett, the city-hopping Neil Gaiman, Sarah Millican and plenty more. Shame they aren’t being televised, really, but I’ll be more than sure to keep an eye on that Twitter feed.