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It's Wednesday! Lots of comics came out today! Here are a few thoughts about a few of them. Mostly (but not totally) ones I haven't talked about already today…

JudgeDredd10_01 Okay, firstly, I want Cosplay of this guy by NYCC and secondly, the Judge Dredd that I know would grab that and use it as a tableweight or a doorstop.

Aph4 XthingsaboutXcomics

Battersea Dog's Home, as seen through the eyes of Aphrodite IX.

Kiss Kids 01 panel

From KISS Kids #1… Gene Simmons' favourite present is money. How satirical!


Don't ask about the hat. But sometimes the best laughs in Thunderbolts are the ones where the characters just play completely to type. And exposes just how innately ridiculous they are to the rest of the Marvel Universe.


In Wonder Woman, War is talking about Justin Bieber isn't he?


And if he isn't, then Superior Octopus-Man in today's Nova really is trying to.


Wow. In the new X-Men we get a major continuity reference to a comic book in 1989. Twenty-four years ago folks. Twenty-four years… so I was sixteen, bunking off school on a Wednesday afternoon to go to Leeds and Odyssey Seven to buy… last week's comics. I could only get there on a Wednesday and stores got their comics on a Thursday or Friday. So I had to hope they'd still be there… and this one, by Claremont and Silvestri was a classic.


I feel old…


Thank you X-Men Legacy. You know, they're filming Sherlock on the street of Central London today. I wonder what's really going on.


You know, there must be a TV show in the DC Universe which is nothing but calls to emergency services, or police band requests like this one in Vibe. Hands up who'd like to watch that?


Thank you, Pandora.


Looks like Mark Waid has been watching his Doctor Who here. Fixed points, self-correct and whatnot. And a useful understanding of the current state of Marvel time travel… and what it might mean for All New X-Men. IMG_0020 Although in Daredevil, Waid seems to be channeling Kieron Gillen rather than Karen Gillan.


X-O Manowar seems to make a statement that fits so many, many alien invasion plots of late. Secret Invasion? Right here.


Amanda Waller makes quite the threat to Green Arrow in Justice League Of America. If it were a male character making the same demand to a female Arrow, it might have been taken in a very different tone indeed. Power balance.


 Ever wish you could relive events and maybe try things a different way? Batman And Nightwing puts Batman through the wringer over the final issues of Batman Inc. Again and again and again. Otherwise known as Tumblr. "Feels porn".


Thief Of Thieves gives us an utter physical and sexual humiliation of a man. You know what? It makes a refreshing change. Though only as refreshing as warm piss on a summer's day…


Will people please stop destroying Great Britain? Seriously, we've had enough of it now. BPRD is just the latest transgressor…


There are those who pick up anthropomorphic comics featuring mice expecting something fun and cuddly to give to their kids. You thought Maus may have taught them to take a wee peek inside first. Consider this a Graphic Mouse Warning for Mice Templar.

And talking of which…


Bloodshot #0 takes a shot. Yuck. Still, it's the zero issue. So we know he makes it out…

So, that's what I've been reading today. How about you?

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London, currently exhibiting the Dead Cats work of Christian Ward.


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