New Ninja Turtle Movie Pushed Back To Sell More Transformers Toys

tmnt shirtParamount Pictures have decided to push back the US release of the new Ninja Turtle movie by a couple of months, sliding it from next June until next August. This puts it in line with the film's UK schedule – unless that now gets shunted back too.

And why the delay? According to Deadline, it's to separate the Turtles from the Transformers. Both films should help shift an awful lot of merchandise and toys, and by distancing the halfshells from the autobots in this way, I suppose each franchise can get longer on the endcaps in Toys R Us.

I know somebody out there is prototyping the new Ninja Turtle action figures as we speak, and this person already has knowledge of how the characters look in the new movie. I'm not any sort of Turtle fan, I have to admit, but even I'm incredibly curious about how the guys are looking now.

Forgetting the Transformers vs. Turtles clash, it will be interesting to see what happens in the aisles of Toys R Us come 2015, and the arrival of this world's biggest pile-up of straight down the middle, mass-merchandisable movies.

Not only will there be no space for all of the popcorn fodder in our cinemas, there's going to be a logjam in the toy stores too. The lunchbox industry is about to have its production capacity tested like it's 1982.