The Graphic Novel That Got A Vertigo Series To Change Its Name

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New series Collider by by Simon Oliver and Robbi Rodriguez for DC Vertigo has been renamed from the second issue as Federal Bureau of Physics.


It’s down to an existing graphic novel, a live action webseries on YouTube and a planned indie sci-fi movie. All on the central concept of six strangers transported across time to a post apocalyptic future, trying to work out what the hell is going on.

Here are some trailers for all three as well as previews for all six published issues of Collider, available on Comics Plus. There’s a Kindle edition of the graphic novel available in the US and in the UK.

The comic is by Mike Garley (Dead Roots) and drawn by R H Stewart, Gareth Gowran, Jack Tempest, Will Pickering, and Martin Simmonds.

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As to Vertigo’s Collider, it follows a long list of comics that have had to change their names for such reasons. Usually before publication however…

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