The Look Of Smoke And Ashes

unbox4Alex De Campi has just posted for people who backed the Ashes comic on Kickstarter. It exists. In very very physical form. Honest.

As a project that has had its fair share of ups and downs, she writes;

The books are set to arrive via boat at Dark Horse in Oregon on or around Sept 13, then they need to be ground shipped to me (so I will get around Sept 19 or 20). I will be ready with boxes and tape, and will package things up as fast as I can. However, this means that you are unlikely to get your books before your comic book store has them. I am super sorry about that. The financial cost of getting them over here early was just more than I could bear. Literally, I estimate that within 3 days of the books arriving in my garage I will have sent all of them out to you via Media Mail (domestic) and Priority Mail (non-US). Just remember, if anyone is like HA I GOT MY TRADE COPY FASTER THAN YOU GOT YOUR KICKSTARTER COPY just remind them that you've been able to read the complete Ashes since February via Comixology.

I also wanted to address head-on any Sullivan's Sluggers style concern you might have. (Sullivan's Sluggers was a project which raised far more than its goal, printed up thousands more books than were pledged for, then ran out of money and didn't ship a good portion of its international orders). Yes, the books are bigger and heavier than originally planned. Yup, I spent all the money on art. Yup, I have enough savings and credit card space to send you all your books. It won't be pretty for me, financially, but my heart will be rejoicing to be getting you the books you pledged for so long ago. Every book will be packaged up with a little squee of delight and happiness.

Talking of which…


I've already told De Campi that I'm happy to get my copy at NYCC rather than have it posted. She tells me she will make that option available…

unbox10It is a different reward to the promised "Beautiful hardback limited edition of ASHES, out of a one-time-only numbered print run of 1,000. This may be the ONLY time the book is ever printed, and it is ONLY available to Kickstarter participants. Once it's gone, it's gone! If there is a trade edition it will ship at least 6 months after this one."

But you know what? Stuff happens. You don't get your exclusivity. but you do get your book. With added smoke…



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