First, Low-Quality Look At Beorn's Hairy Human Shape From The Next Hobbit Picture

First, Low-Quality Look At Beorn’s Hairy Human Shape From The Next Hobbit Picture

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One of the key characters we’ll be meeting in the next film in Peter Jackson‘s Hobbit trilogy will be Beorn the skin changer, played in his human form by Mikael Persbrandt.

We’d already seen Beorn’s bear skin in an old promotional banner, from when this series was going to run to two films, but now we have a look at his human, if still rather hirsute form.

This comes from The One Ring who plucked it from the back of an upcoming calendar. It’s obviously been blown up somewhat.

beorn human form


What this reveals, and it’s admittedly very little, is that Beorn’s human form is still pretty wild. This isn’t a skin changer who goes from plum-pink to rough and furry, it’s a guy with a lot of the bear about him in any case.

I guess we might also remark upon his hairstyle, and that remark is going to be:


The next Hobbit picture, The Desolation of Smaug, will open in the US and UK on December 13th.

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