Putting The Sentinels In The Shade – See The Full Size Prop Mecha From The Patlabor Movie

Though it’s not quite clear what Mamoru Oshii‘s role will be, he’s somehow involved in a new, live-action movie based upon his anime series Patlabor. I’m hoping that his former colleagues at Headgear, co-creators of the series and its manga incarnation, are also involved somehow.

Though some CG animation is inevitable – not least because the film is being produced by the computer animation company Omnibus Japan – it seems that a practical, and full scale mech has been built for the shoot.

Here’s a series of pictures of the big fella out and about in Yokohama City. These were compiled by Anime News Network but various snaps can be traced back to Nobu-G KakutaniMASA-SHIHiroshi.OVito PlahutaBrian Ruh and Yū-sama. Good snooping, people.

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I wonder if that is in anyway articulated? I’ll be on the look out for video footage.

When I first learned of the project I said:

An official website has opened, heralding the arrival of a live action Mobile Police Patlabor movie in 2014. The URL mentions both Patlabor and Next Generation so I’m thinking this will be some kind of sequel. I guess that makes sense – the originals were set in the future timeline of… the late 90s.

This new Patlabor movie is set for release in 2014, though we’re waiting to hear what kind of release it will receive in the West.