Man From UNCLE Casts Elizabeth Debicki As Its Karate Chopping Bad Girl

elizabeth debicki

As I understand it, there will be two chief female roles in Guy Ritchie's The Man From UNCLE movie, one on the side of the good guys, the other with something of a mean streak.

From Variety's story on the casting of Elizabeth Debicki, it seems like she'd be the baddie:

Sources say she would likely play some sort of femme fatale role.

I guess Alicia Vikander will follow through on her negotiations to get the good girl role.

Debicki's villainess has some serious karate chops, if you pardon the expression. I bet the actress is headed right into training now.

Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer are set to take the two male leads – both good boy roles – with a couple of villain slots still to be filled. One of these will make for a double act with Debicki's character and the other will be a Christoph Waltz-type with fondness for torture.

I was finding this film  far more interesting when Steven Soderbergh was directing from a Scott Burns script, but Debicki is definitely a check in the plus column. Her turn as Jordan Baker in The Great Gatsby was one of that picture's less expected pleasures.