Scream TV Series Books Criminal Minds And Revenge Writers

scream maskI continue to feel uneasy about a Scream TV series without Kevin Williamson involved but, big screen or small, I imagine the behind-the-scenes kerfuffle on Scream 4 put paid to his involvement with any future iterations. A genuine shame, honestly, because Scream really was Williamson’s vision.

Maybe if MTV can get Wes Craven on board to direct at least their pilot, as the director has suggested is possible, there will be some sort of genuine Scream-feeling maintained.*

But if a deal with Craven is in the works, we’re yet to find out about it. The network do have some writers, though, with Variety naming Revenge and Criminal Minds alumni Jay Beattie and Dan Dworkin.

I’m really not qualified to judge these guys at all as I’ve not knowingly seen any of their work. It seems like they might have relevant experience, though, as Scream┬ástories do tend to sit somewhere between the murderous melodrama of Revenge and mystery procedurals of Criminal Minds.

We’re still some way from seeing Scream on our TV sets, but I’m sure I’ll be curious right up until the pilot episode.

*Or maybe MTV will try to fake it by playing Red Right Hand every few minutes.