Knights of Badassdom Finally Set For Some Kind Of Release – But Isn't This The Butchered Version?

EOne have announced that they'll be releasing the long-delayed Knights of Badassdom into US cinemas on VOD. There's no date, yet, but both theatrical and streaming releases are set to happen on the same day. Here's the trailer to remind you what this film is.


And while it also isn't mentioned in the press release, it seems pretty clear from the circumstances that this won't be the "real" version of Badassdom, with director Joe Lynch and co. brought back to finish things up, but the butchered version that was hawked to distributors a few months ago.

Maybe if this release of Badassdom turns out to be a huge smash the working version of the director's cut could be included on Blu-ray, or something like that, but I'm not holding out hope for much more. It's a bittersweet moment – we'll get to see Badassdom, but not pure, unfiltered Badassdom.

The villain here is one Wade Bradley, CEO of Indievest, the film's production company. We've covered some of the details before, but the short version is… I wish somebody would publish this guy's address online. I'd like to stop by and have a word.

Incidentally, in better news, Lynch is underway with pre-production on his non-stop action thriller Everly right now, and also recently completed a short film about non other than Eddie Brock – aka Venom – with Badassdom's Ryan Kwanten in the lead role. That's called Truth in Journalism and will be online… imminently. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for it.