Twin Peaks Blu-Ray Set Is On Its Way And It Will Probably Include Fire Walk WIth Me

Posted by July 23, 2013 Comment

Back in May Digital Bits brought the news that CBS were working on a Blu-ray release of the Twin Peaks TV series and now they have an update.

CBS have apparently secured the rights to also release Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me as part of the set, allowing fans of the series to own the complete set for the first time. And on Blu-ray.

My reaction to the news was something along these lines,

The DVD release of Twin Peaks was a damn fine set and the discs were an incredible improvement over the awful VHS releases that preceded them, but the Blu-ray set could be another leap forward in terms of quality.

The HD masters were created, I believe, for the DVD releases and I understand that these were what was also then used for the Netflix library and the “1080p” versions on iTunes. The Blu-ray versions will presumably use these existing transfers which certainly seem to be of a high standard.

According to Digital Bits we should expect the box-set some time late this year or early next. I can’t wait.

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