Terry Gilliam's 12 Monkeys To Get TV Movie Do-Over, May Become A Series

12 monkeysWay back when, Rich and I joked about how some rubbishy TV adaptation of Terry Gilliam's sublime 12 Monkeys might turn it into a Saturday morning cartoon about – of course – twelve badass monkeys each with, if not exactly superpowers, special skills of their own.

One of these monkeys would be really good at martial arts, another would be in a wheelchair and maybe be telekinetic, one would be a token she-monkey, and so on. It sounded all too possible.

But no, that's not the route SyFy are going with their plans for a 12 Monkeys TV show at all. Which is why Rich and I don't work for that particular network, I suppose.

According to The Wrap, SyFy are mounting a 90 minute TV movie based on the film, with the goal of later spinning this off to a series, should it prove successful. There's already a script, by Terry Matalas and Travis Fickett, alumni of Nikita and Terra Nova, and Jon Cassar will direct.

Cassar worked on Terra Nova too. So the watchwords here seem very much to be Terra and Nova.

Now, Gilliam's film, and the screenplay by David and Janet Webb Peoples, prove that medium-to-medium adaptations can work. 12 Monkeys was based upon the short film La Jetee by Chris Marker, and it's a brilliant example of how something new can follow something else that was already fantastic.

So, yes, in theory, they might absolutely nail this one, and there could be a third, exciting go around on this particular merry go round.

Or… you know. Terra Nova. I can't really say I was a fan.