So, Who Is This Craig Skinner Chap Anyway?

craig skinnerIf you’ve been paying attention over the last couple of weeks, you may have noticed an increasing number of stories in Bleeding Cool’s Film and TV strand written by Craig Skinner.

Craig has actually been lurking around here for a good while, writing the regular Masters of Cinema column, but now, he’s creating¬†all sorts of film and TV stories.

As we go on, he’ll be helping me out on the news beat, joining Michael in providing our reviews, and has already carried out a few interviews that you’ll be seeing soon.

But who is he?

Well, when I first wrote his bio for our contributors page, a year or so ago, I called Craig:

an equal opportunities film lover.

He liked that enough that he borrowed it to use in bios elsewhere.

But to get an idea of who Craig really is, beyond that soundbite, I’d recommend you read his stories. It certainly won’t take you long to work out that he’s a David Lynch fan¬†and watches a lot of films from Asia. And you’ll get to know him a lot better than that as the weeks and months go on, I’m sure.

So, if you’d like to welcome Craig, there’s a forum thread attached to this post or, if you’d rather, he’s also on Twitter with the handle @CSkinner.

And… if I may, I’d also like to mention that in late September, Craig is embarking on a very, very long bike ride for charity. You can read more about the whys and wherefores of that at his campaign page.

Seems like a top bloke, right? That’s because he is.