Inhumanity, By Matt Fraction And Joe Madueira, From Marvel Comics – Millions Of New Inhumans, An Old-Costumed Spider-Man, A New Costumed Wolverine And Nightcrawler’s Back (UPDATE)


The new Entertainment Weekly magazine has confirmed the Bleeding Cool story from April that Matt Fraction would be writing a new Inhumans book for Marvel. We described it as a Game of Thrones take on the characters, with separate houses and competing, warring, interests, all linked and divided by family ties.

Called Inhumanity, it seems that there will be more Inhumans than ever before, dormant superpowers being activited, and now numbering in the millions. And the whole Marvel Universe gets involved.

We also get the visual above, by Steve McNiven showing Black Bolt and Medusa of the Inhumans, alongside a regular-costume Spider-Man (is that Peter Parker back inside the headspace), a new costumed Wolverine… and Nightcrawler.

Is this what McNiven has been doing of late rather than Nemesis Returns?

UPDATE x2: Nope, it’s Joe Madueira!

UPDATE: Entertainment Weekly have now published the story on their website giving us new info;

Inhumanity is the name of the crossover as the Terrigen Mists spread across the world, triggering millions of dormant Inhumans and, well, basically giving us back the pre-“No More Mutants” Marvel Universe but with Inhumans instead.

Inhuman is the name of the book by Fraction.

And editor-in-chief Alex Alonso compares it to Game Of Thrones.




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