BC Mag #5: Born On The Bayou: Swamp Thing's Roots

BC Mag #5: Born On The Bayou: Swamp Thing’s Roots

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House of Secrets #92Bleeding Cool Magazine article by Rich Handley

DC Comics’ decision, in 2011, to cancel all existing series and launch 52 new titles—among them a reboot of cult classic Swamp Thing, from writer Scott Snyder and illustrator Yanick Paquette—was met with great skepticism. DC hoped to create a blank slate for writers, unfettered by decades of continuity, but many were disappointed to see the prior mythology jettisoned.

Fans and critics have largely embraced Swamp Thing Volume 5 and its re-alignment with the mainstream DC universe. But those who have read only the revamped Swamp Thing know only a small portion of the character’s history. To help get new readers up to speed on what they’ve missed, here’s a look back at the first four volumes.

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