Spider-Man, Electro, Carrie, Ender’s Game And Orphan Black Are Comic-Con Cover Stars

Posted by July 10, 2013 Comment

Entertainment Weekly are really gunning for it with their Comic-Con special issue, offering up multiple variants, each with a high-profile genre movie on the cover.

Well, except for the Orphan Black one, which is something of a mid-profile genre TV show, but I love it most of all and so I’m more than happy to see it.

This first cover shows a Spider-Man vs. Electro face-off, presumably revealing the final colour treatment for Jamie Foxx‘s glowing head.


Here’s Carrie, soaked in the red stuff and looking mad as fire. Is it just me or is Chloe Grace Moretz morphing into somebody more and more Paquinish day by day? Maybe it’s something they feed to the young ones in Hollywood.


Here’s Harrison Ford, back in space for Ender’s Game, and Asa Butterfield in the title role and natty duds.


And finally, it’s Tatiana Maslany as… well, one of the Orphan Black girls. I’ve been tricked before by assuming the clothers maketh the woman, especially in this show.

Well played, EW. Glad you found room for Orphan Black in the lineup.


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