Amazing Likenesses – Images From Mark Gatiss’ Doctor Who Drama, An Adventure In Space And Time

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Attendees of the Paris Comic-Con this weekend were treated to a Doctor Who presentation, apparently centred on Mark Gatiss‘ drama An Adventure in Space and Time. This one-off TV movie will tell the story of how Doctor Who was created, and first became a success, and while Gatiss has reportedly trimmed the script down to the bare essentials, we also hear that he’s done a fine job of finding a central, engaging thread of drama.

As you’d expect, the BBC have An Adventure in Space and Time scheduled for screening at some time closer to the 50th anniversary of Who in November this year.

David Bradley will take top-billing as William Hartnell, the first actor to play The Doctor. You’ll see him in the images below, alongside – in this order – Claudia Grant as Carol Anne Ford; Brian Cox as Sydney Newman, the producer who initiated the show; Sacha Dhawan as Waris Hussein, the first director; and Jessica Raine as producer Verity Lambert.

david bradley as william hartnell in  an adventure in space and time

david bradley as william hartnell and claudia grant as carole ann ford in an adventure in space and time

brian cox as sydney newman in an adventure in space and time

sacha dhawan as waris hussein and jessica raine as verity lambert in  an adventure in space and time

Grant in particular has “the look,” but all in all, I don’t see any real issues with lookylikey shortcomings here. On this superficial level at least, the film would seem to be working superbly.

Visitors to the Paris Con could also get a look at An Advenure‘s reconstruction of the original Tardis control room, rebuilt on the premises.

tardis control room

Well, there’s a blast from the past, but now in living colour. Just like stepping into a time machine, eh?

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