Jay Baruchel Explains His Plans For The Goon Sequel

Jay Baruchel Explains His Plans For The Goon Sequel

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jay baruchel goonOne of the most curiously overlooked comedies in recent years was Goon, a Canadian Ice Hockey picture that starred and was c0-written by Jay Baruchel. The movie gave Seann William Scott a career-best role as the titular Goon, a bouncer turned hockey player whose best skill on the ice is the ability to take some really hard knocks and hardly flinch.

For all the flying fists, spit, blood and teeth, it’s actually a very sweet film, and I’d expect that the sequel Baruchel is working on with new co-writer Jesse Chabot, will actually wind up just as optimistic and affirmative, at least by the time the end credits toll. Baruchel just appears to be a very positive chap. Though he does say this second film will take some time to peer deeper into the shadows.

Here’s a clipping from The Winnipeg Free Press:

“I’m proud as hell of the first one but I think we’re going to smoke it with No. 2,” Baruchel said Thursday as he promoted a July 25 show he will host at the Just For Laughs comedy festival

While fans can expect “all the stuff you loved from the first one and then some,” Baruchel says Goon 2 will have “a bit more gravitas” and be a bit darker.

The first Goon examined how the characters find their place in the world. Baruchel says the second film looks at what happens when that discovery has a price attached.

Now, it’s not really too encouraging to me when a film maker promises BIGGER BETTER FASTER MORE, as Baruchel did with the comments on “a bit more gravitas” and taking the film “darker.” Anybody can say that, and self-belief is not a trustworthy indicator of eventual success.

On the other hand, those closing statements, about what the second film “looks at” are much more exciting. They demonstrate a clear vision of what the film is going to be about, and a reason to make it in the first place. This is why I trust Baruchel, and why I’m excited to see his movie.

It’s not clear if Michael Dowse will come back to direct again, or which of the cast will be returning. There does seem to be at least a provisonal schedule, though, with Baruchel saying:

If all goes according to plan, we’ll be shooting this time next year.

The release pattern for the first Goon didn’t exactly do it many favours, but the DVD and Blu-ray are available in the US and the UK now, and certainly come recommended – especially at those prices.

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