Bryan Singer Tweets A Quicksilver Tease From Days Of Future Past

Posted by July 4, 2013 Comment

Though Bryan Singer already announced that Pietro Maximoff, the mutant known as Quicksilver, will be part of his X-Men: Days of Future Past roster, absolutely nothing had been said about Wanda, his twin sister, the Scarlet Witch.

Today’s teasing tweet from Singer suggests that, Wanda or not, it’s going to be something of a family affair. Indeed, it looks like we’re going to be seeing Pietro at home.

Here’s Singer’s snap.

maximoff house


Maybe it’s just me but my mind went straight to the first shot of X-Men: The Last Stand where the Grey mailbox sets up a scene in young Jean’s household.

This one.

grey mailbox

Just the sort of comparison Singer would want me to make, right?

If Wanda will be appearing in Days of Future Past, it would seem that her casting has remained secret until now. I expect we might be on the cusp of finding out.

I’ll give you 25,000:1 odds on Saoirse Ronan.

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