Is Batman ’66 “The Next Level” Of Digital Comics? Or DC Catching Up?


I just bought Batman ’66 #1 for 69 pence. It’s a fun, silly, campy recreation of the spirit of the 1960’s Batman TV show, but with a bigger budget.

But if it’s meant to be the “the next level” of digital comics, as this Wired article suggests, it’s clearly lacking.

DC² adds new layers to the digital comic page by putting in morphing artwork, conversations that build as you read, and–in true Batman fashion–gloriously over-the-top sound effects that are triggered with a touch of the device screen or click of the mouse.


Except, all this is clearly there in Alex De Campi‘s Valentine, Mark Waid‘s Thrillbent Comics that followed and Marvel’s Infinity series of comics.

It’s professionally done, well told and produced. Congrats to all. But this isn’t DC innovating. This is DC catching up.


Hopefully with Multiverse, they’ll go into the lead, but right now, this isn’t that.

Fun comic though!


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